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BtSearch Error Messages:

58-The compression buffer length is too short
FONT size=3 >Version 6.15 edit the BTI.INI and version 5.x edit the WIN.INI file on the options=line add /U:64 This will set your largest compressed record size in KB.
If you have a 32-bit setup program, you will need to change the setting for compressed records to 32K
Error 20 - File not found

If this occurs while loading BtSearch then your Pervasive Btrieve drivers may n ot be set up correctly or not at all.

If you do not have these files you will not be able to run BtSearch.

3017 - Data Buffer of Local Engine to Small

The first step in resolving this issue is to change your
communication buffers to 32767 in Pervasive Btrieve's setup
or control panel. Also change Extended buffers to be the
same. Then close the Pervasive Btrieve engine and restart.

If this error continues and you are running the latest
release of Pervasive Btrieve then you will need to check
the following registry entry as Pervasive's control panel
does not change the value as it should.

Open up the registry and go to this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software\MicroKernel Workstation Engine\Version 7\Settings

You should see a line with the description below:

Max Communication Buffer Size

Double click on this line and a box will open.
Change the option button from Hex to Decimal.
Enter the number 32 into value and say OK.
Then unload Pervasive Btrieve and reload


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