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Some companies using BtSearch

Western Union Financial Service
Superior Court of California
Pastel Financiel Systems
Arthur Andersen
University of San Francisco
Suniversiteit Stellenbosch University
Golden American Life
Michigan State University
Perisher Blue Ski Resort
Harley Davidson
Portland General Electric
The University of Leeds
Medical Specialists of Palm Beach
Logical Accounting Solutions
Dayton Freight Lines
Kelly Transportation
Wally's Supermarkets
Woodmen Accident & Life
City of Vista
City of Houston
US Army
Business Technology Partners
Centillion Data Systems
Norcal Moving
Jones & Jones Medical Associates
Caduceus Computer Systems
Superior Court of California
Gwinett County Government
SolSup - leading Australian supplier of technology services
Academy of General Dentistry
Stater Bros

And many more...

Grainger & Company : I've been talking up Btsearch on the website where most of the Accpac types hang out, A number of VARs have purchased Btsearch as a result. There is another company which just came out with something similar to Btsearch but optimized for AFW. Their price is something like 10x what yours is. Anyway, thanks for the great product...
Frank: I have previusly used Xtrieve on v5 of Btrieve. I now support GPS Dynamics which uses v6.15 so I need a good xtrieve replacement. Your product seems to fit the bill quite nicely.
Joe: I'm always looking for Btrieve related utilities. I wrote a Btrieve editor a few years back. I found BtSearch on Pervasive or Smithware's web page. Your interface and attention to detail is impressive. Keep it up!

Stacie: It looks like we're getting all the data from that field, thanks to you -- a million thanks!!!
George R. Uhlar Retail Management Systems, Inc. Hello again from Chicago, Since the e-mail's keep coming in about the DDF editor, I'll just post the info for everyone to get. The name of the software product is BtSearch and it can be purchase on-line at for the unheard of low price of $49.95. This product has already saved me 20 hours (when DDFEase screwed up the decimal place setting in the DDF file, I was able to just edit it with this product. Before I found this, I had to completely rewrite the DDF in DDFEase). It is well worth the price and it can be downloaded right now. Since I am not a programmer (just know enough to be dangerous), it is easy enough for me to figure out. PS. He has some other neat utilities on the web page to check out. Good luck and good hunting,

Clifford Wetherall, IT Director, Telecom PlusWhat a great utility. Pervasive should included it with the SDK (I can see a license agreement here!!!) AND it works with Pervasive SQL.2000 and Tango 2000.

Chuck: Just thought I would drop you an email and tell you that after purchasing the new BtSearch and the Btrieve files, I am able to access the DDF files and start my conversion. Your help and your product are without a doubt, great! Again, thank you very much!

Chris - Istanbul Turkey. I found BtSearch as I was searching for "DDF Builder" (or maybe "Pervasive") on It seems like I was lucky because I never heard of BtSearch before and it goes way beyond DDF Builder. Thank you for developing BtSearch !

Our company is looking for a Btrieve driver that can quickly search for
data in our existing Btrieve files.

Currently we have used an ODBC Btrieve driver from Pervasive that took 38
seconds to bring back the records that we were looking for in a table of
280,000 records. We also tried a Btrieve driver that took 19 seconds to
run the same query. We downloaded your BTSearch tool and found our data in
less than a second. (Wow!)

Ive been swamped lately but I wanted to make sure I dropped you a quick note to let you know that BtSearch worked perfectly for me. I needed to read the DDF files for a Platinum for Windows accounting installation and I needed to then extract data from some of the tables everything worked perfectly.

Thanks again for putting out a great product. We have several other applications running on Btrieve so this tool will end up helping us a lot.

Hi Gil

Thank you for your quick responses to my emails.

It was a blessing from the sky to find BtSearch 2009 for Pervasive Btrieve & Easy Viewer for Microsoft Access

I do financial auditing and a lot of my clients are using Pastel Accounting .The above products of yours are very helpful and assist me tremendously - it saves me so much time and I can perform the financial audits much more effectively!!

If there is any other products that you have developed that could assist me, just let me know and I buy it immediately!!

Best wishes


Hello, Gil.
Thank you so much for sending the unlock code so quickly; I appreciate it. Your software saved the day! I was under the gun with trying to extract data from these old Btrieve files and your software worked perfectly. Thanks!

Michael (New Zealand)
Just like to say, thank you so much for you extremely prompt and professional work. It's a rare thing these days to find a company that is so committed to their customers needs.

Jonathan: I've used some utilities from another company but this heads above that piece. Thanks for the great product offerings! I called you yesterday indicating a need for your Btrieve utilities but then came across the File Push utility
that we desperately need... We often deploy files to workstations for our proprietary operations software. Thanks again for the great offerings!

Sherri-Vt Housing Finance Agency: The software is wonderful! Xtrieve stopped working abruptly on our system many months ago, and we have been stuck not being able to update our DDFs. We were thrilled when a representative from Pervasive recommended your software. And the results were better than we could possibly have hoped for. BtSearch32 is very easy to use and so powerful. The ease at which we can get results from our data is incredible, as is the access speed. Thanks again, and keep up the good work with such a great product! I found Btsearch through the download area on the pervasive website. We are having so many problems adding tables to DDF's using pervasive that we started looking for a different solution. Btsearch was alot easier to use and it did not crash on us all the time. The interface was alot easier to work with and to get our structures into the DDF in a shorter amount of time. - Kevin

David in Barbados: I am amazed at the simplicity and ease with which complex Btrieve data tasks can be achieved using BtSearch32. It is Definitely the best software value for money I have ever invested in. In addition, I found Gil to be helpful when I encountered any problems. He responded in a timely manner. Thanks again Gil.

Israel: Great job !!! It seems the file is ok, the store is working again (video store). Experts in Israel could not fix the problem. Thank you very much. Bye, Danny.
New Zealand: The import routine is going well. We are very impressed with the speed and efficiency of this development. We are now running the import every 20 minutes. It has not missed a beat.
Thanks once again for your quick and efficient response.

Belgium: very very very very cool program. We managed to retreive all usefull data from the databases. bit overwelming at start but ones you get the hang of it, it's full speed ahead and as easy as you can get. tx Jurgen van de velde (Rombaut bvba)
Joe: Your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread!... I used it today at my clients and in approximately two hours, I edited the inventory master file in their Solomon database to the tune of 5 pages worth of modifications!! It was great!
City of Vista: Trying to make sense of a ton of Btrieve files... We're running 2.93c, seems to be just what we needed.
Special Projects Group, Inc. your program is used almost daily and has proven its worth over and over again.
Brian: We have Solomon IV and I was in need of a utility to easily export data into dBase format. As an added benefit, your program also lets me edit data directly in the table, rather than having to construct "blind" SQL commands.
Steve: I had been using a dos program (BTVIEWER) in the past but wanted a windows based app and yours looked good ,worked upon installation and was easy to use.

James A. Clements First Edge Sornson L.L.C.Btsearch is about the best product for looking at Btrieve files that I have found. The shareware version saved me on a Y2K conversion. The registered version should serve me well. Thanks!!!
Wayne, South Africa Thanks for a great product. I am a computer consultant specializing in accounting packages in South Africa. The main product I support in Pastel Accounting and because of bad power surges / dips I often have to edit / repair data. Up to now if I had to edit the data file I was in trouble. I had a case on Friday where I had to delete a corrupt line in the main transaction file that was causing major hassles. I did some serious searching on the net and downloaded countless packages that did not do what I wanted. Eventually I went to where I found a link to your page. I downloaded the package and the rest is history.
Doug FYI.. Your product worked! I'm not a Btrieve expert, however I had a situation where I needed to get some information from a DOS based Btrieve database, in which a Developer of that database did not include an optino to Export the data in a text format. The developer would have been happy to do it for a very expenseve price for them. This product allowed me to retrieve the needed data from just the .dat database file(s). Thanks! It was well worth the price!

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